How to Grow Healthy Hair 

We all want healthy looking hair whether it is afro, naturally curly or chemically treated, long or short, having healthy hair makes us feel good, enhances our features and makes us feel special...

Many of us search the magazines and websites for products and tips to use on our hair but consider this if your hair does not grow out of your scalp healthy, then you can never truly make it healthy. Strong vibrant hair starts from within under the scalp and if you want to achieve this you must follow a  healthy lifestyle. What we eat and how we live will all have an impact on the health of our bodies and our hair is no exception. In this article we're going look at the specifics of how to achieve growing hair that is glowing, thick and luscious. This article is all about how to grow your hair healthy.

 Diet and Nutrition

To grow and maintain thick healthy hair, it is essential you follow a healthy diet that has bags of  vitamins and minerals!


Scalp stimulation

Once your hair has grown out of your scalp it is dead the only living part is the section under your scalp. Your hair bulb is attached to the hair follicle and this needs a constant supply of nutrients to form healthy hair cells. A healthy scalp has a good supply of blood, actively nourishing the hair follicles at all times. We can aid how fast our hair grows by keeping our scalp well stimulated.

Massaging your scalp on a regular basis with natural nourishing oils will aid your hair growth and keep your scalp healthy. Genetically we all have different hair types and structures which we can't change but we can produce the healthiest and strongest hair that is possible for us as individuals if we keep our scalp stimulated.

Massage stimulation

Stimulates circulation 
Strengthens hair structure 
Increases growth rate 
Improves scalp health 
Reduces stress

Heat stimulation

Improves circulation 
Promotes hair growth 
Cleanses scalp 
Wards off dryness 
Stops hair breakage 


Stimulate your scalp with self massage
Tutorial for performing a scalp massage